Popcaan Put Rapists On Notice In Jamaica “Dem Dead”


The Unruly Boss is getting a lot of praise for using his platform to send a strong message to all rapist in Jamaica amidst a resurgence of crimes against young girls. Popcaan posted a video on his Instagram page this weekend speaking out against the crime wave across the island that is targeting especially young girls. The dancehall star is himself a father of a pre-teen girl, and perhaps he is feeling a bit protective like any father should.

“Big up the people them out in a the world you know how the thing go, a me name Unruly Boss, aka Andre Sutherland,” Popcaan said in the video. He later wrote in the caption, “We need to get rid of these rapist one way or the Bombo****t other. A lot of people know nuff rapist and still f***ing silent. How is this possible? Woman can’t live or walk in peace wtf.”