Mr Vegas is calling out Dancehall and Reggae artistes for not creating enough jobs in Jamaica.

The veteran recording artist took to his Instagram account on Sunday to showcase several properties he developed in his efforts to provide income for poor people.

According to the ‘Jesus Train’ singer, more artistes need to setup and do the same as he believes lack of jobs in Jamaica is one of the main reasons for the devastating crime and violence wave that’s currently sweeping Jamaica.

“Some boy a talk bout dem love Jamaica, love Jamaica? when you love Jamaica, you invest back inna the country,” he said. “Some people a gwan like dem want crime and violence fi stop… yuh think crime and violence can stop if the yute dem hungry… unu affi create jobs, some a unu artiste bout unu love people, love which people? if unu love people unu create jobs fi di people dem suh dem can stop kill dem one another,” he added.

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