Fetty Wap’s OG Baby Mama Just Dropped A Bombshell About Alexis Skyy’s Pregnancy

The drama among all three of Fetty Wap’s most recent baby mamas — Masika Kalysha, Alexis Skyy and Lazhae Zeona — has taken new heights with the latest now sharing her thoughts on the other two ladies, and her opinions come sprinkled with a bit of shade.

See why else Fetty Wap’s been in the news lately with BET Breaks, above.

Zeona took to Instagram Live again to answer fans’ questions about the messy scenario involving all four parties, explaining that the rapper initially told her that Alexis’ unborn child wasn’t his.

“He actually lied to me and told me that Alexis was not pregnant by him and that he would clear the rumors up and tell everybody that she wasn’t pregnant with [his baby],” she said.

She even threw shade at Masika, confidently saying that when she’s her age, she won’t be riddled with this kind of drama. For reference, Zeona is rumored to be in her very early 20s.

“I’m young and I learn from my experiences,” she said. “So, by the grace of the Lord, I will not be going through these type of problems when I’m Masika’s age.”

See what else she had to say, including her opinions on him getting his other exes’ names tattooed on his body, below:

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